Terms & Conditions

  • The client who uses the services of Dogmatico Hotel Boutique & Spa, acknowledges that he is the legal responsible for his/ her pet or pets.
  • Dogmatic Hotel Boutique & Spa, will offer your pet in each visit to the hotel an excellent and personalized treatment and care, as well as daily activities during their stay to stimulate their mood, exercise, socialization and hygiene through the services of Hotel, Daycare and Grooming.
  • The client agrees with Dogmatico Hotel Boutique & Spa to pay 50% of the amount at the check in, and later at check out to cancel the remaining amount. The client acknowledges that he is responsible for all charges incurred during the stay of his/her pet. The charges begin to apply from the date the customer leaves their pet. In case of not checking out on the agreed day, the contracted services will continue to be provided for the well-being of the pet, and the additional time and costs will continue to add up.
  • Check in hours are from 7am to 5pm from Monday to Sunday. If you require an early check-in, you must coordinate it at least 36 hours in advance.
  • In case of requiring a Check Out after 5 pm, a grace period of 30 minutes is given. After that time the full night rate will be charged.
  • For daycare the operation hours are from 6 am to 7pm. In case of delay at the collection time (7pm), a grace period of 15 minutes will be given and after this time, it will be charged as a hotel night not for daycare.
  • For half daycare service the hours are as follows: 6 am-12pm and 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm. A grace period of 15 minutes will be given, otherwise the service will be charged as full day.
  • With his/her first visit, the client must fill out the first entry form only once, then each time the client and their pet use the Hotel, they must present their vaccination and deworming card, up to date or send the updates of this previously to the visit. It will be the responsibility of the pet owner to inform the hotel if there is a change in diet, health, routine, among others. In case of not communicating these changes, DOGMATICO Boutique Hotel & Spa disclaims responsibilities.
  • The client must register at least two contacts of their entire confidence for emergencies in case the owner is not available to attend the emergency or consultation. Dogmatic Boutique Hotel & Spa is aware that the indicated persons have full and complete authority to make any decision, including those related to the health of your pet and the payment of expenses on your behalf and for your pet.
  • We reserve the right of admission: Due to the quality standard of Dogmatico Boutique Hotel & Spa and the service and attention for our guests, we carry out a behavioral evaluation with a professional in the area of ​​canine behavior, which will determine the level of socialization of the guest, being that, when the owner enters with his pet, he authorizes said evaluation to be carried out and that the entrance to the evaluation is subject to the evaluation.
  • We reserve the right of admission in case of specific medium to large breeds because they require a large and private space.
  • Dogmatic Hotel Boutique & Spa reserves the right to admit pets, if at the time of the Pet Sitter’s review, the pet shows signs of aggression, fleas, ticks, or if the pet appears to be sick, injured, or other.
  • For medical service issues that a guest requires, additional costs will be provided to the pet owner. Please note that we are not veterinarians, therefore, some specific medications can only be performed by a veterinarian.
  • Although we conducted a behavioral study of pets, they may present some aggressive behavior during play with other dogs, therefore, the client acknowledges that this can happen in the play area.
  • The owner understands and is aware that their pet will be in physical contact with other pets, including games between them with their teeth and paws which are unpredictable and in their normal nature. He is also aware that in his socialization and games there may be scratches, teeth, scrapes, punctures and minor injuries.
  • All pets that enter the hotel must be neutered, we do not accept pets that are not neutered or in heat.
  • The minimum entry age is 5 months. We accept non-neutered pets up to 6 months.
  • The pet owner authorizes the hotel managers to take photographs or videos of their pet so that they can later be used on social networks or on the website for advertising purposes.
  • Dogmatico Hotel Boutique & Spa undertakes not to provide the personal data of clients or guests in order not to violate their privacy.
  • If after 8 days of the completion of the reservation, the client does not check out his pet and the hotel cannot communicate with the owner or the persons authorized in the guest form, the due complaint will be filed by the abandonment to the corresponding authorities and later the pet will be delivered for adoption. You understand that you could lose your pet’s property under these circumstances.
  • If you want to leave personal items such as beds (these must be freshly washed), toys (they must come clean), dishes and blankets, everything will remain in their respective room, this as a cleaning and pest control measure. If the pet destroys or damages any of the items that enter the hotel during their stay, Dogmatico Hotel Boutique & Spa will not be responsible for these damages.
  • In any event that your pet requires professional veterinary medical attention, we will try to notify you or the persons authorized in the form at the telephone numbers provided. If it is not possible to locate the owner of the second responsible person, the owner authorizes that the services of our veterinary doctors in charge be hired, and that medications be administered or provide the necessary care to the pet.
  • Dogmatico has cameras in the common areas for the access of all clients, as well as private cameras in the suites. Dogmatic has enough broadband internet for good visibility of these, however, please take into account that the connection of cell phones and / or outside the facilities can affect access and the speed of the images.
  • All prices are subject to VAT.


  1. Any change or cancellation to your reservation must be requested at least 48 hours before the arrival date at the hotel. After this grace period, one night will be charged and the rest of the money will be returned.
  2. Regardless of the nights reserved, if the change or cancellation is not made in the aforementioned time and manner, or if the Guest does not show up on the date of entry, it will be taken as a “No Show”
  3. All reservations must be guaranteed by credit card, cash or bank transfer with 50% of the reservation.

By signing the document, the owner accepts the terms and conditions set out here.

All terms and conditions may be subject to change. You agree that you have read the terms, conditions and requirements presented above.